Alicia Kamm

Looking for a writer who can captivate your audience and convert? One who knows exactly what to say to help them know, like, and trust you? Of course you are! 

Let’s find out if we’re a match made in marketing heaven. 

Who you are: 

  • An awesome business owner with a successful offline business who wants to grow and scale online with less effort.
  • You appreciate your clients and genuinely want to help them. 
  • You know what matters in business…relationships! You’re a whiz at building relationships IRL (in real life) but need someone to manage the task of building profitable relationships online. 
  • You’re looking for an active participant in your marketing efforts. Someone to help you map out your strategy and achieve your sales and growth goals faster, without spending a fortune. 
  • You want someone to help you demystify online marketing and show you all of what you need and none of what you don’t. 


For over a decade, I’ve created crave-worthy content for killer brands (Aerosmith, Sony and World Series of Poker, to name a few) and kick-ass companies including tech and healthcare startups to Fortune 500 corporations. And though my work is varied, the objective is always the same – create content that engages and persuades a wildly diverse audience, provides massive value and keeps your client coming back for more.