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When I made the changes Alicia suggested, I started making money. – Carl P. DeLuca, Founder, Alphalegal

Dear fellow professional…

I’m Alicia Kamm, owner of Content Kamm and if all goes well, soon-to-be content writer for your business. I’d love to tell you about myself (and I will) but first…if you’re reading this, chances are you fall into one of these three categories:

  1. You own your own business. You’re swamped, managing multiple projects at once, juggling deadlines and running the day-to-day operations. Your marketing team is a party of one (maybe two) people. Even if it’s two people, you’re responsible for so many other duties, marketing ends up taking a backseat. Your web content is most likely outdated and your marketing efforts are inconsistent. In short, you need help prioritizing your marketing and whipping your website into shape.
  2. You work for a business and understand how important great website content is. You know your company is great and provides killer value to your customers. Your company’s website though? Eh…that’s another story. Truth be told, you’re a bit ashamed of it and know it needs a serious update. You’re here because you’ve persuaded management to invest in content and you want to find out my process or you’re just ready to get started now.
  3. You own a web design or development company. If you had to name one of your biggest challenges, it’s that you’re always either waiting on content or having to chase clients for it. Many times, they want to write it themselves. You nod your head in agreement, knowing full well it’s the same ol’ deal. You’ll wait forever to get the content and when it finally shows up it’s either missed the mark entirely (long, rambling paragraphs of technical jargon or content that effectively says nothing except, “hire us, we’re great!”) or it’s completely unusable (hey, I wrote this white paper a few years ago… can you just pull content out of that for each page?) In short, you need an experienced, professional, reliable writer to help move your clients along and make your websites look and perform like they should.

Regardless of which category you fall into, you need marketing and content writing help, STAT. As a fifteen year veteran of marketing, I’m more business partner than marketing writer.


Alicia is an expert of the written word, she knows how to place herself comfortably into any industry and write naturally for it. I highly recommend hiring her to humanize your content and allow it to be digestible. You might think your marketing content is all set until you see what she can do. She’s hands down the BEST!!!– David England, Englund Studios

As your business partner, my goal is to attract your target market to your website and convert them to paying clients. I do this by stalking researching your customers, until I know what really motivates them. This insight allows me to effectively position your business as the solution to their challenge.

For over a decade, I’ve created advertising and website content for big brands (such as Aerosmith and World Series of Poker) and local businesses including real estate agencies, law firms, trade organizations and manufacturers. As the former deputy editor of an award-winning B2B magazine, I’m a whiz at managing multiple projects and adhering to strict deadlines. 

If you’re ready to supercharge your web content and transform it into a sales ninja…who doesn’t eat, sleep or take vacations – so you can…we have to talk.