Blog Your Way to Google’s Heart in 6 Simple Steps

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Your business needs a blog. If nothing else, blog to win the hearts of the Google Gods. You’ll be generously rewarded.

If you’re a business owner, chances are you’ve wondered just how much business your website is bringing you. The answer is typically found in the analytics. In short, how much traffic you’re getting, whether your visitors are spending time on your site or bouncing off after a few seconds, and more.

One of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your site is to appease the Google Gods. When the Google Gods are happy, they reward you generously by ranking you higher in the search engine results. As you probably know, the higher you are in the results, the better the chance you have of being seen by those searching online to find a solution you provide.

The quickest path to staying on the right side of the Google Gods (a.k.a. supreme search engine rulers and engineers of your business’s online destiny) is to add fresh content to your site on a consistent basis. The easiest place to do that is by adding a blog page…or using the one you already have but you’ve neglected for months, even years.

Google loves fresh content so much, that I wanted to name this post “Why blogging is the sweet nectar of the Google Gods.” Heck, maybe I’ll A/B test it to see if it has a chance! If you’re like most business owners I work with, the biggest challenge you’ll have is carving out the time to create a blog post.

Here are six simple steps to help you go from blank page to SEO-boosting blog in a short time.

Make a list of the questions your prospects and clients ask you repeatedly. Put this list on your phone or wherever you can add to it frequently and quickly. If you’re a real estate agent, for instance, one of your most commonly asked questions (FAQs) could be:– How long do will it take to sell my house?- How do I get my house ready for a sale? – What’s the typical commission fee?

Pick a question from your list to write about. A good strategy is to focus on one of your top 10 most frequently asked questions. Use the question as the blog headline, and answer it in your blog. Your mission here is to write in conversational language. Don’t write to impress. Don’t write to sound smart. And whatever you do, don’t write to show you have a college degree. Writing resonates best when you write for an 8th grade (or lower) reading level. Using common terms that your clients use increases the chances that you’ll hit on the words they’re likely to search for online. Hello, SEO boost!

Let it rest. You’ve probably heard one of the following writing mottos, write quickly, edit slowly or, write drunk, edit sober. In theory, they mean the same thing. Namely, get all your thoughts quickly (or wildly if we’re talking about the latter) and disregard grammar, flow and any mental noise getting in the way of you and your “shitty first draft” as the esteemed Anne Lamott calls it. I assume both are saying the same thing…get all your thoughts down quicklyIn between writing and editing, you have to give yourself time. Don’t review it for a few hours or, ideally, a day.

Edit it! Here’s your chance to slice, dice and chop. When you’re editing look for:Brevity: did you go off on a tangent? Did you use three words when you could have made the same point with one word? Headings, subheads, bullets: Is your text just a few long paragraphs? Use titles, subheads, and bullet points to make it clear and concise. Client focused language: remember, your blog should feel like a conversation between you and your website visitor. Your goal is to write it using more you and less we, us, or, our company.

Choose an image. Images are crucial! In fact, using images throughout blog posts has proven to boost blog engagement by 94%! There are plenty of royalty-free photos available online. I bookmarked this great list of free stock sites a few years ago. My top three favorites are:

PixabayUnsplash and Pexels. Go to one of the sites listed above, find a relevant image and download it. Then use that image as your blog featured image.

Post and shareIt’s go-time! Upload your blog to your website and promote it via your social media channels. Blogs are the best source of organic SEO.

Now you’re armed with a plan of attack. To stay on track, set a realistic goal for how often you want to blog. Start slowly, say one blog a month for six months. After a few months, take a peek at your analytics to see the spike in traffic that happens after you promote your blog.

The best part? If you’ve blogged about a topic that comes up often in your industry, that blog compounds over time. What that means, is your blog isn’t a one and done. It’s the gift that keeps on giving…in traffic and page views that increase over time.

To busy to blog? Get in touch today and I’ll whip up a blog package that boosts your traffic and your sales.

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