“Yes, I want to stay in touch with my website visitors…but they aren’t signing up for my email list!”

Psst…are you offering something of value in exchange for their email address?

You already know email marketing is huge

The goal of a lead magnet is  … (drumroll please!) to gain email subscribers! It’s an incentive you offer your website visitors (such as a free report) in exchange for their email address. Why would you want their email address? Well, it’s explained here – but in short…so you can market to them!

So, instead of just asking your website visitors for their digits (er, email) right off the bat – you prove you’re invested in their success by giving them something of value.

Speaking of value… it’s everything.

The entire point of a lead magnet is to provide useful information that your market desires. In doing so, you establish your company as the expert in your field and the solution to their challenges.

Lead Magnet: A valuable piece of content you offer your website visitors for “free” in exchange for their email address.

So, while the goal is to build your email list – it’s also to educate, entertain & inform your market.

Lead magnets (remember the Copywriter’s Creed) are focused on your market first and your business second. This is how we hook ‘em. We continue to build on that relationship through email marketing focused on helping your market achieve their goals.

Examples of lead magnets I’ve created include:

If you can dream it, I can write it. If you’re not quite a dreamer, but leads sound good to you – I’ll develop a strategy for a lead magnet that keeps ‘em signing up day after day.